As much as I enjoy weddings, you’d think I would be much better at gift giving. 

The opposite is true, in fact. 

Instead of planning ahead and purchasing my gift within a reasonable time frame, I usually wait until the very last minute to ever remember that I want to give the happy couple something that is both useful and thoughtful. 

The wedding always seems so far away…. until it’s here.

And because I can’t be the only one who does this, I’ve decided to put together a short list of last-minute wedding gifts that are both personal and functional. 

A note on “last-minute”: if you are a local shopper to Carvers Ridge and can pick up your order in the gift store, your last-minute order could be placed the Thursday before the Saturday wedding. However, if you need your gift shipped to you (or the couple) you should place your order a little more in advance and select the “priority processing” and “express shipping” options.

Baking dishes are a tried-and-true wedding gift option. Most couples need a good baking dish, and you can make your gift extra special by getting one personalized for them. 

My favorite design is the state outline design that has room for both the couple’s last name and the established date. Carvers Ridge baking dishes also come with lids, which is really nice for transporting any sort of baked goods. 

This is the option I fall back on as a wedding gift when I’m not very familiar with the couple. A cutting board is a pretty universal kitchen essential, so I feel more confident gifting cutting boards than I do other, more hobby or couple-specific gifts. 

Engraved cutting boards also make cute kitchen decorations, so the couple can still enjoy it even if they already have a cutting board. A good cutting board design for a wedding gift is the Mr. & Mrs. design that allows you to add in their names. 

Since many couples getting married already live together and have plenty of cookware, I like this as another option. While a rustic log is technically not functional like a baking dish or cutting board, they make adorable decorations and look great sitting next to wedding photos. 

My favorite rustic log design is this one that looks like the couple carved their initials into a tree.

This one might seem like a weird wedding gift, but this is one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. Though most people wouldn’t think of gifting a journal at a wedding, journals may be one of the most versatile wedding gifts out there. 

The couple could use their new journal it to keep track of names and gifts for thank you cards, write about their honeymoon travels, or even to record marriage memories over the years. 

Im a big fan of the “adventure awaits” style because I like to think of marriage as their next great adventure. 

As a last-minute shopper myself, I know how hard it can be to find a gift that is meaningful and personalized without breaking the bank or taking forever to arrive at your doorstep. 

Have any last minute wedding gift ideas that you love? Let me know below!
Until next time,