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Mobile Engraving

We're happy to offer portable engraving if your boulder is too large to bring into our shop. The following guidelines will help you begin and complete this process:

  • Please send us a picture of the boulder so we can make sure it meets our standards to be properly engraved. Please make sure there is nothing blocking the engraveable surface of the stone and that we can see the entire engraveable surface area.
  • Please provide measurements of the engraveable space area. Please see the below diagram showing you where and how to measure
  • Let us know what you'd like engraved on your stone. Please click here to see our available font options. You may select up to 4 font options to be shown in your proof.
  • You'll be allowed to make revisions and changes to your proof 2 times at no charge after you receive your initial proof. After the second revision, you'll be charged $10 for each revision until you make your final approval.
  • Once your proof has been approved, we'll work with you to schedule a time when we'll come out to engrave your boulder. Please know that when we're working on scheduling, there are several factors we need to keep in consideration, including:
    • The weather! The stone needs to be dry for our stencil to properly adhere to the surface. If it's recently rained and the stone is still wet, we'll need to reschedule. We need to allow for 24 hours of dry weather to allow plenty of time for the stone to dry.
    • In addition to the weather, temperature and wind are large factors when doing portable engraving. If it's extremely hot and/or humid, the stencil won't adhere to the stone properly, the sand we use during the engraving process will begin to get too damp, and the paint won't adhere properly due to the temperature or high winds.
    • Lastly, the production schedule at our shop in Stuart is a factor when scheduling portable engraving. When our engraver goes out to engrave a boulder outside of our building, he takes all of our engraving equipment with him, so not other engraving takes place while he's gone. Because of this, we try to limit how often we do portable engraving each week so the rest of our orders can be filled as well.
  • Total payment of your order will be due before our engraver comes out. Once the final proof has been approved, we require a minimum of half payment down at that time to schedule your portable engraving. Final payment is due two days before our engraver comes out to complete the job.
  • Before our engraver comes out, there are some things you can do to help make sure the job is done quickly and successfully:
    • Make sure the boulder is clean and dry
    • Remove any lawn decorations or potted plants that are in the area so they do not get damaged in the process. *Please note that any plants or flowers planted around the area of the boulder may be damaged in the process. Our engraver will do their best to protect the area around the boulder, but spraying sand can be difficult to control.
    • Let us know if your stone is located near any structure, such as your house or a garage or barn. Our engraver works hard to make sure nothing is damaged when they're on site, but spraying sand is difficult to control and we want to ensure your home and windows are properly protected. If we know that we'll be engraving near a home or building in advance, we can make sure to bring the proper materials to protect them during the sandcarving process. Sending a photo of the stone and what surrounds it is most helpful.
    • Let us know if you have any pets. It would be best to have any outdoor pets confined to a different area for both their and our engraver's protection.