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Wholesale Information

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At Carver's Ridge, we're passionate about bringing our hand-crafted and engraved products to all of your customers no matter your location. The gift of engraving and personalization is on the rise and we want to provide you and your customers with unique products and design options you won't get anywhere else.

With wholesale orders from Carver's Ridge, you'll receive low minimums and re-orders through our easy online order system for personalized and customized engraved gifts for your customers without having the cost of inventory in your store. You can order online at www.carversridge.com, by phone at 641-418-8007, in person at our store located at 718 Davis Ave., Corning, Iowa 50841, or by email at sales@carversridge.com.

Find out more about our laser engraving and sandcarving processes, and our options for paints and fonts. You can find our Online Wholesale Catalog and pricing here. Read about our Wholesale Terms and Conditions.

Custom Products for you to Sell

Carver's Ridge currently offers 208 product lines. These products are great for personalized business branding, fundraisers, corporate gifits, incentive programs, or souveners. Within each product line, we offer many design selections that we classify into these three types to help your customers get exactly what they want for a unique engraved gift:

Carver's Original Engraved Products

The Carver's Ridge design team have created original artwork for our engraved products. These are not personalized items – they are ready-made items we have already engraved so they will ship quickly from our Iowa location. Laser engraved products ship within 1-3 business days. Sandcarved products (i.e. stone and tile products that go through a more handcrafted and intricate production process) ship within 3-5 business days. Our "Original" products allow you to have inventory on your shelves for quick purchases while offering your customers high quality engraved items that will make for lasting and memorable gifts to give their friends and family or keep for themselves. Original products are ordered in quantities of 2.

Carver's Personalized Engraved Products

Our talented design team has created personalized design options that allow you to give your customers more than just one personalized selection to pick from for their engraved gift. With several predesigned personalized options, Carver's Ridge can quickly turnaround your order so you don't have to wait weeks just for a custom product to arrive. Proofs are available upon request and will lengthen the turnaround time by a few days. Turnaround times are 1-3 days for laser items and 5-7 days for sand carved products (i.e. stone and tile products that go through a more handcrafted and intricate production process). Drop shipping available. No minimum quantities required.

Carver's Custom Engraved Products

Our design team will work one on one with your customer or client to design a unique one-of-a-kind design. They will see proofs for approval along with revisions if needed prior to engraving. Our hands on approach will make sure we are meeting your customer's expectations prior to engraving these one-of-a-kind gifts.We have a large selection of fonts, artwork, paint options, and more. Drop shipping available. No minimum quantities required.

Name Drop

Any of the above product types can be 'Name Dropped'. A name drop allows you to customize your favorite Carver's Ridge products with your town, state, resort name, or even your store name – at no charge! Yes, this service is free. You will be happy to know that all this is done in-house at our facility in Stuart, Iowa. Name drops allow you to sell more products. It's proven that name-dropped products outsell similar products that aren't customized. It also differentiates you from the competition. Most of our products are able to be name dropped, but please feel free to give us a call if you have any concerns. We offer low minimums, and while each product varies slightly, most start out in lots of 6 and no higher than 12. If you think this is something you'd like to do, please contact your Rep – they're the experts and will walk you through the entire process. You can also email your order to us at sales@carversridge.com.

We do not provide proofs for name-dropped products, but please trust that our expert design team will put your name drop in the appropriate place. We don't accommodate special requests due to each product line's limitations.

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